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Everything you need to know that Apple Announced at WWDC 2020

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Intro About WWDC event

WWDC is an annual Worldwide Developer Conference held by Apple for 5 days every year, whereby attending session developers can meet with Apple engineers. This year also WWDC was held from June 22 to June 26, but the only difference was it took place online and, it was free for everyone because of the ongoing global health crisis. You can watch all videos and sessions on the Apple developer website or in the Apple developer app.

This year Apple WWDC started with a sensational keynote introducing ios and iPad 14, Mac Big Sur( Which is a version of macOS version 11) tvsOS 14, Watch OS 7, and other software updates like advanced development in Airpods & Airpods pro and 6k apple display. Well if you are also excited to know everything that Apple announced at WWDC 2020, then dive in right away, as we have tried to walk through every announcement of apple keynote 2020.

Here everything you need to know that Apple announced at WWDC 2020

iOS 14-  Apple gives a 1st look at iOS 14, and it gives a fresh look to the things which we use more often, by making them easier as ever. New technology lets you get what you need right now. And the applications you use are getting smarter, personal, and private all the time. So let’s have a look at the feature that attempts to achieve betterment in intelligence features and what to expect in WWDC 2020 in iOS 14.

  • Widgets – The most remarkable changes in the widgets is that now you can place on the home screen, and choose from different sizes and arrange however you like. Along with that, now you can add a smart stack of widgets intelligently based on the apps which you most use, and it will get added and, the right widget automatically displays at the right time of the day.
  • App library –  It automatically organizes apps based on their features. For easy access to apps that you most used, are categorized in such a way that either they are on the 1st or 2nd page, in short, one tap away.
  • Compact Calls – Now with new compact design, calls from iPhone, facetime doesn’t occupy the full screen.
  • Picture in Picture – Now enjoy using another app while continuing your video on facetime.
  • Messages – Finding your urgent message on hoards of other memos is not hectic anymore. Just pin your favorite texts on top of your conversation list. Along with that, now you can give a visual identity to your group messages by adding images, Memeoji, or emoji. You can even customize an active group, so you get a notification when your name gets mentioned.
  • New emoji styles and stickers – Enjoy new emoji according to your age, hairstyle, hobby, profession, and personalities. And there is also emoji with face cover masks.
  • Siri – Many improvements have been done, with the new compact design as it’s not going to occupy your entire screen. So get ready to be amazed, as it will be doing voice and text transcript efficiently.
  • Car Keys & Car Plays – This year may have kept you apart from your vehicles due to lockdown because of Combat Covid-19. But with the announcement of WWDC keynote 2020, it has changed the relation between your vehicle and your iPhone as now you can unlock and start your car with your i-phone. What is most astonishing is that now you can share your keys with your friends and relatives easily. Easily create a customizable restricted profile for your loved ones. You are now also able to enjoy built-in apps focused on EV charging, food ordering & electric vehicles charging.

Ipads14 – Apple has announced many new features in iOS 14 like widgets, app library which is similar and carries out in Ipads Os 14 too. In iPads14 the Apple has redesigned search on iPads and, it looked exactly like a spotlight of MacOS. Which helps you to find apps, search on the web.

  • Universal Search – It’s compact design lets you dig deeper on apps like messages, keynotes, mail, etc. And it also delivers faster and relevant results.
  • Scribble – Now, you can write with an apple pencil in iPads and, it will automatically convert it into text and, this feature will automatically detach you with your text and direct you to the correct app when it is tapped.

Watch OS7- Apple has never let down its user when it comes to wearable gadgets. Now this will be a complete stun in the history of WWDC 2020 Apple. Has it ever happened to you that you are in love with someone’s watch face and want to copy it, but you don’t know how to get it? Well, not anymore, as Apple has introduced a feature called face swapping, and with the help of that, it will be easier to share watch faces.

  • Watch OS7 will now track dancing – The training software uses the gyroscope and accelerometer of Apple Watch, combined with data on heart rate, to monitor many styles of dance. This is a form of workout no other organization has defined, so let’s see how it works.
  • Sleep App – By using Machine learning Watch, OS 7 is able to track our sleep. Along with it help you to create a schedule and a bedtime routine so that you can sleep well.
  • Improved version of Maps – Another great thing is that it has an improved version of maps, which is great for bike rides. This watch has maps for cyclists.
  • Handwashing – Because of the global health crisis, hand washing becomes a vital part of our day to day routines. With these advanced features, it automatically detects when to begin washing hands, and the watch microphone listens to the sound of water splashing to confirm that you are washing the hands.

Mac OSBig Sur – The next major desktop software update version of macOS is termed as Big Sur. It is one of the most advanced desktops operating systems in the world. So get ready to enjoy the biggest safari update ever. From apps and messages to transparency and privacy, every update you want to know about Mac Os Big Sur is here.

  • Safari – With the latest development now, safari can translate a website in 7 different languages. Now while using safari, browsing will be fast, powerful, and private. At the same time, safari will warn you if the password you are using is not secure.
  • Control Center For Mac – You have direct access to the settings that you use the most like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, as well as new options for playing music and for Dark Mode. The new control center has been built only for Mac so that you can attach controls and drag favorites to the menu bar, as it is to tailor it to your needs.
  • Notification center – These features combine notification and widgets in a single view. Notifications are now classified according to program and also interactive. So you can do stuff like play new podcast episodes or learn more about invites to calendars.

TVOS 14 – Every video feature in TVOS 14 can view on Apple TV in a PiP configuration. Simply put, you can see more things on your TV without changing settings. To give an example, when you are working out, you can keep tabs on the news.

Final words
Apple never misses a chance to amaze us, with the WWDC schedule in 2020, we are going to get some amazing beta version previews. It was as good as any other year. Though the whole world is going through COVID 19 adversity, I am sure with all these amazing integrative features, something able to pull up smiles and excitement among us.


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