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Gogoro partner with Giant Hero MotoCorp in India

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Gogoro partner with Giant Hero Motocorp to introduce electric scooter battery tech to India

Gogoro network is expanding its wings to India by partnering with giant two-wheeler Hero MotorCorp. According to sources, Hero will build an electric scooter that will come with features like swappable & rechargeable batteries based around GoGoro tech.

Well, this will be the right time to expand their branches out of their home country Taiwan and launch in India. Especially when India is addressing pollution problems & electric vehicles could help eat away at some of India’s pollution. It’s a strategic partnership between Gogoro India and Moto Corp as it provides a turnkey solution by producing energy-efficient Vehicles.

Scopes & Challenges

Building out charging infrastructure is a daunting task, especially when India is dealing with the COVID situation. But to make a massive change we need a massive adoption. And Taiwan is famous for its well-served pilot market to develop technology and show the world it’s possible. Seeing the price of fuel Indian government wants to put electric vehicles on the road to manage the high cost of fuel.

India is a much larger market in terms of geography and population. 2ndy in countries like India 74%of the total population used 2wheeler in terms of the vehicle to fleet across India. And hence India has a favorable market for Gogoro bikes to launch in India.

Gogoro partnering with Hero Motocorp can be a striking deal for both ventures. As Hero is a solid unit solder in terms of motorbike & scooter & by seeing its extensive presence in fossil fuel vehicles, we can expect a favourable market in electric vehicles too.

No doubt it would be a challenging endeavor for the hero, as they don’t have the infrastructure for battery swapping. It would take solid time to transform & make the nation get used to Electric bikes. Well, it would be a long and steady project that helps to enable the technology in 2 wheelers to win and go faster. Chief executive officer Horace Luke said at a press conference that they will be trying every possible way to deploy electric bikes rapidly in India. 

Let’s explore its feature and you will know why Gogoro India in partnership with 2wheeler giant Hero MotorCorp

Feature of Gogoro 2 plus Bike

Gogoro Bike is designed in an economical way, as it uses standard parts in its manufacturing which are readily available in most of the country. This electric bike is practically maintenance-free & its servicing can be done by most scooter garages.

The scooter you can ride on top of at a speed of 90km/h, as it has a 6,400-watt electronic motor. Which accelerates from 0 to 50km/h in 4.3 seconds. Its speed can also be restricted officially at 45km/h. It is equipped with regenerative braking that will allow simultaneous braking force to the front-rear wheels. By automatically balancing the stopping force and helping it to reduce slips during panic stops. The regenerative braking will also help to return power to batteries.

Like Tesla vehicles, the Gogoro scooter can be remotely serviced. Gogoro engineers are continuously monitoring every cardiac beat with over 80 sensors. So that all functionality remains perfectly in tune keeping with all aspects of Smart scooters. The Gogoro iQ-System dashboard provides the driver with a colorful dash to help the driver drive more efficiently. It also updates wirelessly remotely with new advanced features. Like a smartphone home screen, the dashboard is completely adaptable.

Gogoro 2series scooter is digitally encrypted with authenticated fingerprints. This mean that this bike is the ultimate solution for theft-related issues. So now other than the owner no one else can drive this bike. And to make it safe and digitally encrypted a trusted tech is used, which is used for banks and servers. Along with that, it has a wireless key making the scooter virtually safe or unstealable.

The scooter is innovatively designed in such a way that during compound racing, tires will provide less friction. So, that when it is driven at a fast pace rate it provides extra traction on steep turns. It has the capacity of 2 large buddy seats along with space for 2 helmets. Hope we soon able to witness electric bike in our country.


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