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Know How To Fix Steam Not Downloading Game Error?

If you ask gamers, geeks, about their favorite thing, they will reply in one word called Steam. Steam is a popular gaming website where virtual players can play, buy, and discuss games. As myself being the geek in the gaming world, nothing frustrates me more than steam downloading stop, and get stuck. So among the millions of gamers, if you are the unlucky one who often struggles when Steam is not downloading or the Steam downloading gets stuck or, the Steam won’t download the updated games? Then you are peeking under the right curtain, as I might have a solution on how to fix Steam not downloading error.

As this error is associated with downloading, make sure you check your internet connection. Or try to reboot your computer if something changes. If the problem persists, it’s advisable that follow the below mention steps.

Trying going offline– Make sure to check that by mistake you haven’t enabled to use steam offline. If not then try using it and then disable it after a few seconds. After that go on the steam menu and choose the option Go Offline, and wait for few seconds for the setting to take place.  Following that, you will be asked to restart the steam in a pop-up confirmation. Subsequently, go back and select online.

Clear Steam download cache– Yes you read it write, steam client cache, not your window, Mac OS cache. And to do so, there is a way to clear it inside the app.

Open the Steam client and go to settings

Under the download tab you will find the option of clear download cache, and click on the confirm popup

After that reopen the Steam and check if it works.

Remember neither you have to reboot your computer at this point nor you have to sign back into steam client either. If still steam download stuck opt for the below options.

Try changing your download region–   Steam lovers are all over the world so does its server. So it automatically chooses based on your IP address. It can solve the steam downloading problem by changing your download region. Follow the below mention steps to change the downloading region:

Open the Steam client

After that click on Steam on the upper left of the interface

Now go in the drop-down menu, and select settings, then choose download from the list.

Subsequently, choose the Download region from the drop-down menu and pick a different region. What you need to keep in mind is that don’t select the region which is too far from your current location, but it should be a foreign country.

Compatibility Mode– Sometimes compatibility issues may give you trouble. It may occur because sometimes gamers like us hook on old games. Thus running older games which is not compatible with the system running steam can cause trouble.

Open Steam> Go to library> and right-click the game that causes trouble>then select properties>If you cannot view the game in the library> then skip the step.

Then go to files and click on Browse

Now find the executable files that launch the game.  It will be in the primary game folder but could be in one of the sub-folders too. You can find under named- “game-name.exe” or close. Double click the game first. Following that right-click & select properties.

In the compatibility mode, choose ‘Run this program in compatibility mode for’ and then select your OS from the drop-down list. And then check game requirements info to find the compatible OS.  And make sure you hit the save changes button.

Try to fix this by closing the app that is hogging bandwidth- One another issue that can cause this trouble is third party software conflicts. It may occur when you have multiple applications are open. And the app that can cause a problem with steam not downloading games includes CCleaner & skype. So to prevent this trouble closed these apps before opting for downloading Steam again.

Press the Win button + R to open up the Run Application. In the dialogue box, type “taskmgr”. This will open up the task manager.

End all processes by Skype, browsers, and updates. Restart Steam using Steam.exe.

Verify Game file integrity- We gamers prefer Steam because it helps to download all the necessary game files to run our games smoothly. Sometimes it gets corrupts failing to download Via Steam client. And it’s very well known by Steam, which is why they offer to check files integrity. Here how to check file integrity;-

Open the Steam client and go to a library where all the download games are there. Then right-click to select the properties.

In the local files tab, click on ‘Verify Integrity of game files’ to begin the process.

After that Steam will check the corrupt files, and if any trouble is there either it repair them or redownload them.

Trouble can cause because of multiple libraries- Sometimes steam disk writes errors take place because users have multiple steam libraries on different drives. If this the reason for your trouble then Steam can’t download games on one drive, so try renaming the other library folder.


Well, I am not an expert but hopefully, above mention ways help you to resolve the steam not downloading error. Well by following above mention ways I have fixed multiples times my trouble. But these occasional errors can be fixed with upper mention ways. If you have another way to Fix Steam Not Downloading Game Error, let me know in the comment section.


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