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SEO Trends For 2021: That Will Influence Business

Search engine optimization is an effective way for driving traffic to your online business and attract more customers. Because of continuous changes in Google Algorithms, you need to evolve yourself to stay top in the search engine rankings. According to researchers, almost 80% of users ignore paid listings and clicks on organic results. Among those 28% of searches convert into customers making a purchase. You need to know all about the new SEO trends for 2021 if you want to keep ranking on 1st page.

To be on top of SERP ranking, you need to keep few things in mind like backlinks, social shares, content quality, and more. In this guide, we are sharing some useful SEO trends that you need to keep in mind for 2021 and make your SEO strategy accordingly.

Here are 11 SEO trends for 2021

Artificial Intelligence

In the coming years, artificial intelligence will play a major role in Search engine optimization. If you had noted, the Google algorithm has changed as compared to the RankBrain algorithm which is used earlier for determining the ranking of sites in Search engine results.

The developer of RankBrain, Greg Corrado has previously mentioned its unique ability of learning. This means in the future Artificial intelligence will play a major role in and will be SEO trends for 2021.

But the big question is how you optimize your SEO for RankBrain? Because Google isn’t going to give you the details or hints for any of its updates and changes. Most experts agree that the primary SEO factors that will decide the search ranking is the user interface, and user experience. It also includes Click through rate and amount of time spent on-page. You need to create high-quality content that can engage your users.

According to Google, 27% of internet users are using voice search on mobile. And thanks to the innovation of Google assistant, Apple’s Siri, and Amazon Alexa, we’re witnessing this change in voice search technology.

To optimize for voice search we need to keep in mind what users might ask about the above-mentioned voice search apps which makes it an important trend of SEO 2021. The best way to optimize your content is to organize it according to what people most likely asked in their daily conversation. Organize your content in a way that it could answer user queries. Focus more on long-tail keywords starting with How, what, who, where, etc. which people are most likely to ask in their voice search like “Who is the new president of United States of America?”

Since voice search is mostly done on mobile devices, this time around mobile site optimization is more compelling than ever.

For voice search and other types of searches, your website speed is important. If you cannot offer fast search results, Google Assistant’s attention has not yet been worthy of you.

Concentrate on High-quality content

High-quality content is the new girlfriend of the Google search algorithm. If you want your site to be visible in search ranking, you must produce high-quality content that can engage users. The better you create content, the better your chances are to appear in Google search. Because it gets attention from your readers and googles appreciate that. But it doesn’t like poorly written content and it can affect your ranking if can’t keep up with your content quality.

Before creating content keep in mind that it should meet user needs or queries. You can create quality content in a few ways. First of all, research your customer’s value for content. Secondly, keep track of the search intent journey of the customer. Third, use this information to build content that matches your users’ preferred format.

According to Semrush Report, long articles with more than 3000 words get more attention from readers. As compared to the articles with a length of 900-1200 words, long articles get more backlinks. If you intend to achieve high rankings, start focusing on creating content with more than 3000 words that meet user queries and provide them with meaningful information to keep them engaged and will be SEO trends for 2021.


What is the concept of the E.A.T.?

The definition of E.A.T. stands for Expertise, Authority, and Trust and embodies itself in the belief that a webmaster (or copywriter) is a true and proven specialist in a niche in which he or she works, and that creates publicly open content that would probably not adversely affect the well-being of people. Proof of qualifications, a diploma, and/or certificates can be sought by Google.

Why is E.A.T. supposed to be important?

Google says users want only appropriate, new, and PROVEN data to be received. If your words harm people, Google will pick this up and move your website to the deepest layers of the SERP. Protect yourself and try to show you’re aware of what you write. Unproven data could be a disaster in the ranking of a website. Bad reviews cannot take long if you write anything that others discover easily is incorrect. Eventually, when users can’t be sure that you’ve come to your website. Google will note this and your rankings will be faster than new papers can be published. Some algorithm changes are designed to identify and punish websites that can hurt users. It is beyond the sphere of this debate that Google still considers “harmful” to be from politically questionable content.

How does one with E.A.T. work best?

Introduce yourself properly: The About” page is always the perfect place to list all your accomplishments and write about who you are and why people without fear should use your expertise.

Gain positive feedback on other online sites, and not just where you and your work can be learned. There are several websites where people can share their views on various services. This can be either praise or blame. Provide the best information about individuals that you would not feel humiliated or guilty of.

A backlink from and to reliable sources: people don’t currently trust ties. To get more precise, people don’t have faith in unknown or suspect sources and therefore don’t trust you. If you get a backlink from extremely low authority or meaningless domain — delete this through Google Disavow — check the backlink and don’t bind to a questionable domain. Find another with strong Internet authority.

Focus more on Local SEO

This is another important SEO trend in 2021 that will influence your marketing strategies. When people think of the online market, they see the global world. But in reality, when a user performs a search query in Google, it is mostly for its local search i.e local shops, restaurants, hospitals, etc. The fact is about 46% of google searches performed are for local searches including the term “near me”.

Despite the events worldwide, Google continuously updates its local search algorithm, displays results on SERPs introduces new methods for data filtering, and defines some limitations and choices for various types of business. When you are part of the local community, if you want users to be aware of your presence, you can no longer pause your local optimization. Even now this is true because you can cater to the continuous needs of your business.

Read More about: Off-Page SEO Techniques

Mobile optimization

We live in the age of modern and continuously evolving technology. Mobile optimization is an important SEO trend because people of all ages are striving to embrace and master new patterns as soon as possible. You need to be the same way. Mobile search becomes increasingly common every day.

Users would appreciate your work by arranging your content so that mobile search can be easily found and accessed. It is the worst idea ever to have the website exclusively optimized for desktops. However a good desktop appearance is cool, but Google itself has advised you that mobile optimization with its mobile-first indexing update is a must.

Check how good Google’s free mobile test is for your mobile site. Then take a look at the Google Search Console “mobile usability” report.

You need to make sure that your website is user-friendly, and Google can crawl your URLs so that a directive is not “disallowed.” Be careful not to load content that needs user interactions, such as clicking and swiping, from Googlebot. You must ensure that Google can access this lazy material. Finally, ensure that your desktop and mobile pages use the same tags for Meta robots.

A position Zero featured snippet has become a big issue for webmasters to organize content. “How you can get your content in the featured snippet?” This is a problem you really should try to solve yourself. All you need to do is write high-quality content and structure your data (using Schema and Open Graph code) with useful keywords, so it’s a top-notch answer. Wikipedia is a prime example of this content. Of course, in most situations, it will be hard to win, but a try will be worth it.

How to optimize for featured snippets?

Work on the layout of your content: you do not have to change your style, just add small information to allow you to work better with users and Google. For example, start your articles with the words you will use in the article or title. Those content items may be regarded by Google as the shortest answers to user questions.

Apply Schema Markup: Schema markup is an outstanding aid in SERPs. For example, marked FAQ pages have a greater chance of showing rich results in SERPs. Several different schematic codes can be used to layout your website.

Keep in mind for Google Discover

In 2017, Google Discover released a new search — a search that does not even require a user query. Discover is another method powered by Google’s AI. The content recommendation tool discovers and eventually learns these user behavior trends over time. Discover will determine the most accurate content that is most likely to attract the consumer with this information.

Over 800 million active users are now claimed by Google Discover. You have nothing special to do to appear. It will be included if Google indexes your page. Content is ranked based on an algorithm determining the content quality and interest. Although no specific factors have been given by Google, local history, browsing, app use, schedules, search history, home, and work sites all appear significant.

Work on Video Marketing

You can everywhere find videos. People want them because they are interesting, enjoyable, and accessible on any smartphone. This type of content helps your brand go viral within minutes.

For videos, YouTube is the first thing that comes to mind. Because Google is the second most popular platform for promotion. But, if you’re a newbie then YouTube is not for you because it is very competitive and you might end up wasting your time and effort.

Keywords are more important. You can be inspired by the platform’s autocomplete feature for instance if you customize for YouTube start typing your video theme to see what comes up in the search box, which is a list of suggested keywords, which shows you exactly what people search for on YouTube.

There are many other platforms where you can promote your business and achieve your business goals.

Which is the best way to promote the video?

Divide and rule: cut a broad video and put it in Instagram reels, Snapchat and other services will theoretically get you loads of interested visitors. Only make a big video and post it on these sites with a link to the entire video or the name of your YouTube channel. You can get views on the main video and drive traffic to your website through clicks on links by an interested audience.

Focus on Search intent and Semantic keywords

SEO professionals used to focus more on the main keywords as if it had blinders on. Now it is just as important to know about secondary keywords. A further focus will be given to semantic search and the optimization of search intent in the future. Google is no longer looking at word strings. It analyses query contexts and tries to distinguish a user’s search target which means that the more relevant knowledge – using primary and secondary keywords that are connected logically – is the better.

Focus on Image Optimization

Visual content is a new interest of internet users making it a part of SEO trends 2021. People don’t want to read lengthy content instead they prefer visual images, infographics that fulfill their requirements. Google has already stated that in the future people will see images of the products and then decide whether to purchase them or not.

Start optimizing your images from now if you haven’t done already. Use high-quality images with proper titles, alt tags, and file names related to the content of the page. Also add images in the sitemap, so that it is easier for Google to crawl.

Analytics and Data

Data science helps you to understand customers, display campaigns, and build unique messages. Analytics can be used to check URLs, locate reference sources, page load times, indexing, redirect, response errors, and bounce rates, and more. You can also use data science to detect pages where crawlers do not want to index and detect unusual traffic sources like spam sites (which will hurt your EAT credibility). This will be a part of the trends of SEO in 2021.



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