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Social Media Content Creation Tips for Beginners

Social media has become a new sensational tool for marketing. The way it is spreading its wings and establishing brands through the internet is quite a flattery. The Internet has no boundaries, and with the help of it, social media is expanding the region of the brand market. Yet some organizations fail to impress or grave their audience’s attention. The reason can vary from one organization to another, some are lacking creative Social Media content creation or graphics, or some follow the same monotony others are following & so on.

If you too are part of digital marketing or an entrepreneur or looking to establish your career in social media marketing, this guide is for you. This guide will be discussing social media content creation and how to make creative social media posts.

But before we dive to know about tips to write for social media marketing, let’s draw our attention to some facts.

Statistical fact for social media marketing.

There is no doubt that social media is slaying the digital world, and its reason is very clear. According to one survey, 44% of local businesses stated that they depend on social media to generate brand awareness. Whereas, 41% say that they depend on social media to drive revenue. In short 90% of business claims that social media marketing has increased their exposure. Whereas 75% said that social media have increased their digital traffic.

Hope this fact had made it clear why social media marketing is such a hit nowadays. Let’s get to know about some effective tips for social media to make a hit of your brand.

Research- Content can’t be written without research, no matter you are writing content for blogs, for websites, or for social media, and so on. Without research, content would be like food without salt. So do proper research about trends, writing style, some of the catchy phrases look for social media content writing tips. Never restricted to one source, always opt for multiple resources. 

Pro tips– While researching make sure to identify the consent that resonates with your audience. Conduct a detailed content search, discover the trending content formats, have a look, and go through the profile of the most shared domain. Glaze upon the influences of your similar brand niche and what tactics they are opting to attract users.

For example – Currently, Budget 2021 is out, and it’s trending so every brand is making content out of it. So, make sure to use content and graphics related to the latest news or memes from that. 

Like have recently posted a graphic, related to it, and the caption was budget is all about saving. 

Not always short and simple-   While writing for social media posts make sure you write content in such a way that reflects that you value your user time. So short and simple is always the best idea. But sometimes You may have addressed and witnessed that some businesses share their website blogs or articles on their social media. So, there you need a little more content than short and simple. 

But that doesn’t mean that you start writing a paragraph for a caption. If you think your social post needs a big content for that, then instead of a paragraph opt for pointers. Try to put your words in the point, so that it doesn’t look lengthy or lethargic, & it can be scanned quickly. As, some social media content writers cut the main character, just to keep it short. I stated before also never cut the character for example.” We have an amazing offer 4 u”. This is not accepted; it looks like it’s written hastily. So, never opt for this kind of writing, as you are never able to generate engagement in such a post.

Pro tips– Make sure to write your content in such a way that it should be called to action. A good formula for social media starts through-provoking questions and invitations.

Understand your audience language & platform – In social media posts, you connect with your visitors through graphics and content. So, before you start writing, understand your audience language. This will help to show them that you truly understand them. 

Another important aspect you need to keep in your mind is a platform. While writing for social media posts you have to write content as per the platform requirements. For example, the content on LinkedIn for senior-level executives will be different than posts on Facebook for the same service or product. For example, slice credit card has recently posted a post related to valentine’s Day, on Facebook, and insta. But for LinkedIn, they opted for a blog instead of a Valentine post. As visitors of both groups have different challenges and points of view. So, make sure you write your content accordingly.

Don’t brag or do false promises- Your content should be promising, and creative. But while writing content for any brand or service. Never brag or write anything about which you are not offering. As may be on starting you can get engagement but slowly visitors start boycotting you. So, make sure never to put any false promises on your post.

Don’t opt for too many punctuations – You must have witnessed people use too many punctuations to highlight their content. Well, that’s not a good thing, so try to avoid it. 

For example, if you use a lot of exclamation points or other non-standard punctuation it will give off the effect. It will seem like you don’t respect the reader’s time and instead of selling the quality product you are just showing off.

Pro tips- Secondly, missing punctuations save on character.

Use online tools for a final touch-up- Once you drafted your content take the help of online tools to ensure that your post is being proofread properly. It’s the best practice for social media content creation.

Some of the recommended tools for social media content Creation are:

Checker 1- This free tool will allow you to fix mistakes in your message. Simply paste it and you will find the bug.

Academized- This tool is an excellent checker for grammar and detects problems you may have overlooked. It’s free to use.

Cite it in- Using this method to ensure that any source that you use is properly cited in your writing.

Grammerk- This tool tackles certain problems other proof-readers cannot solve. It helps you to correct the passive voice sentences and instances.

Pepper fellows- This content writing tool is one of the best places to go if you want help with editing.

Assignment help- This writing tool helps you to improve your writing.

After the deadline- This editing tool allows you to find any grammar or spelling mistakes that you might have overlooked.


As you can see by following some simple tips, we can actually come up with good content for social media. If you have some other tips do let us know in the comment section.


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Social Media Content Creation Tips for Beginners

Social Media Content Creation has never been easy. This guide helps in social media content creation to make creative social media content.