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7 Tips for Effective Content Writing for Beginners

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Content writing is a skill. Some people make their profession as professional writers. Some write for news articles, websites, blogs, etc. What makes every content writer different from others are the ways they used to approach a topic and how they research it.

And, in today’s world where advertising and marketing play a vital role in promoting business content is the best aesthetics to attract your reader and increase traffic. So if you are thinking about pursuing your career in content then, I must say you have chosen very well. Though you have decided to become a writer and you are good in English with vocab, but still confuse that where to start, then you are in the right place. As in this blog, I am going to share 7 tips for effective content writing for beginners like you.

7 Effective content writing tips for beginners

Though there is no secret formula for writing content, sure there are several tips that help to start your career in content writing. So without further adieu, let’s step into the shoes of a content writer to know how to become a kick-ass content writer.

Choose your genre or domain– 1st and foremost thing in content writing is to choose a topic according to your interest. As the scope of a content writer is immense, so you have to decide in which domain you want to work technical, fashion, sports, current affairs, education, etc. If you are looking to get engaged in this content business then follow your heart. You must be thinking about what I am saying, well the reason is simple: if you engage in some topic which you don’t like the content will become a bore.

Writing is an art, and for this, you need skills, but more than that you need to have passion for it. And, once you choose your genre, then you need to find topics on that particular domain so that people will stumble upon your blog.

Research-  Now you have chosen your domain and topic, it’s time for research. Research is an important ingredient in writing content. You must have extensive knowledge of the topic you are thinking of writing about. And in the age of internet research is easy, go through content writing samples, get tips for content writing from experts, similar or related to your topic. Keep a note of the important date and points which you have to mention in your blog. Use the data and information available out there to structure your content in the best possible way.

Discover your unique style-  So now, you have your topic, and important notes to begin your writing. But that’s not enough; you need to have your unique writing style like many writers just stick to the points without addressing users, whereas some writers write as a journal like they are talking to their reader through their blog. For example, Neil Patel’s blog has this unique gift, and by using it he makes complex concepts seem easier. So try to make your unique style, as there is an adage that states that writing style is the identity of the writer. So make sure that your unique way of writing gives you identity.

Keyword researching and stuffing-  Do you know what makes crawlers crawl your content? No, well it’s the keyword, yes as keywords help Google to find about the websites that match with the searched keywords. Make sure to find your keywords related to your topic and write SEO friendly content. Well, you can also take the help of keyword research tools like AdWord & SEO Keyword Permutation Generator, Google Correlate, IMforSMB Bulk Keyword Generator, Keyword In, Soovle, Ubersuggest, Wordtracker Scout, Google AdWords: Keyword Planner, etc.

Now you have your keyword, but what you need to know is how to stuff it. Though keywords make your content valuable, readable, and search-friendly. But at the same time, too much-cramming keywords make your blog look dubious and untrustworthy to both Google and human readers. So try not to use too many keywords. 

Stick to the point and format- It’s often found that many writers start their paragraphs with intensely creative ways. But in the middle, they go off the topic and start writing about something else, so Stick to this point and avoid wandering to different topics. As it breaks the user flow of reading and they might shut the door of your page in the face of your website. 

At the same time, you have to write your blog in a certain format like

  • How was the starting sentence structured
  • Introduction format
  • Article structure
  • Presentation of ideas
  • Topic development
  • Conclusion
  • Call of action

Be Creative-  Whatever you write, it was always there on the net, so what makes your content attractive it’s creativity. The three-factor that make your content valuable are theme, idea, and view, as themes and ideas have already decided, so the view is important. To make your content different from others, play with words, make a good twist, write in a small sentence, avoid passive voice, add some real-life examples. But, make sure that words should be easily understandable to the reader, and at the same time, it should be creative.

Read, edit, and check plagiarism-  Once you complete your masterpiece by following the above-mentioned content writing tutorial.  Read again and again, make sure it does not have a grammatical mistake. Do remove the points in which you find no context to the topic, and most importantly, check your content for plagiarism. You can find the best plagiarism checker tool here.

Winding it

Well, as I had said that there is no hard and fast rule to write content. But by accompanying upper mention tips on how to start content writing by following 7 tips for effective content writing for beginners will help you draft good content. And I am positive that you will get the result that you want from content writing. However, if you are looking for a content writer, and you liked my blog, you can contact us through the email and contact number displayed on the website.


  1. I love the way you explain the way of writing, and what I love most is how you had given examples. Thanks for this blog as I am looking forward to starting my career in content writing, your blog help a lot.


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