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Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Trends to watch out in 2020

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In the upcoming year, artificial intelligence will disrupt sophisticated computing technology. As AI used to understand and enhance company and customer experience? Undoubtedly, AI trends of 2020 will have a staggering impact on enterprises. Well, artificial intelligence has been a part of the world for a few decades, but in 2020 it will have some new AI miracles. AI technologies used from helping humans to benefit from significant improvements to becoming a part of our day to day lives. Here we present you top 10 artificial intelligence trends of 2020. 

But before we strive to know the latest innovation of artificial intelligence, let’s understand what Artificial intelligence is? 

Defining Artificial intelligence

In simple terms, AI means making it possible for a machine to learn from experience or stimulation of human intelligence in a machine that is programmed to think like a human and mimic their actions. For example, Alexa and Siri. Well, no doubt it’s an innovative invention in the field of technology, so without further adieu, let’s dive, to know what are the top 10 artificial intelligent trends that will be ruling 2020.

Top ten artificial intelligent Trends to watch out in 2020 are

AI in Data Accuracy-  It’s a Big Data age. Almost everything you do online has a little morsel called a data packet. These data packets are manipulated in several ways to be reliable until stored in a manageable form. In the AI system, data is transmitted as a training context to the intelligent machine, so that data trained in AI is as error-free as possible. And that accurate data ensures that marketing effort does not get wasted on targeting the wrong demographic. The biggest example of data accuracy is Amazon, every second of the day they collect data continuously. When you shop on their platform, they collect data about each product you view.

They have systems that compare the history of your browsing with your account, and then create a set of emails to give you product recommendations. It is a very dynamic and data-dependent system. Imagine if this data was inaccurate. Then the wrong product suggestions are sent to the wrong consumers. They would just sort their pages in the wrong way. In short, the automated system works only if the correct data is obtained.

AI in Monitoring and refining business process or Robotic process automation-  This is another AI prediction of 2020. AI-enabled tools redefine the implementation and redefinition of business processes in real-time. RPA is not intelligent by itself; it is simple regulatory process automation.

New tools for the task will be needed to allow cognitive automation. Digital personnel has developed the skills and understanding they need to deal with natural language, reasoning, and judgment, create contexts, and provide data-driven insights.

This automation is called robot process automation, which frees businesses from the tedious but necessary administrative tasks and allows us to spend more time on complex, policy-oriented, innovative, and interpersonal tasks. For example, call center operations. Many of the requests received by customers in call centers to be facilitated by RPA technology; agents can get equipped with a dashboard with common customer questions and solutions.

Role of AI in cybersecurity- AI advanced prediction algorithms and intelligent technology play a vital role in shielding us from various unfair attacks in our lives by decreasing the number of cyber assaults such as hacking, phishing, and social manipulation attacks.

The only preventive method to identify and prevent malicious attacks is the cyber-threat hunting process. Artificial intelligence will, therefore, continue to be a big player in this area. Machine learning is one of the expected steps in 2020. Such advancement would help to rapidly and easily identify security breaches. Many renowned companies use AI in their cybersecurity, the example of some biggest companies is Microsoft, the Chronicle, The Blackberry, SQRRL, and many others.

Ai impacting media and entertainment industries- Artificial intelligence ( AI) is dedicated to changing the media and entertainment industry-from content production to the experience of users. Metadata tagging is the most common AI technology. These techniques can be used to identify images and to transcribe speech to text.

Artificial intelligence future will help the Media and entertainment industry to ease up their work in a simple way. For example, there are a variety of activities and procedures in the movie production industry that complicate the whole process. Like, writing scripts, splitting them down, looking for locations, creating shot lists, creating a schedule, a timetable, and much more alignment to accomplish something positive and worthwhile. And many people come together to do all that.

Just consider this: an autonomous robot or AI takes on all the painstakingly difficult tasks and completes them almost without delay. AI Provide a platform that takes away people from time taking procedure, so now they can concentrate on innovative development.

Ai promises Cheaper automated healthcare-  By providing Ai medical solutions, AI can be used to increase human life expectancy and productivity. As healthcare is the most vital aspect of life, how can AI ignore health? By 2020, the healthcare sector will see more development. And for that big, investment is required in digital healthcare and mechanical intelligence.

A lot of work, to be done to interpret and scan X-rays for quicker and precise diagnosis of diseases by machine learning approaches. Nearly all pharmaceutical companies have developed robots to prevent dose error as drug compounds.

Flight operation controlled by AI-  Delta Airlines unveiled a weather prediction program with help from AI in early 2020 to improve its flight operations. The program name has not yet been decided, hopefully at the end of this year, the program’s weather training will help to collect the disruptions and uncertain data. For example, if a hurricane takes place, the AI will be able to help, to tell air pressure intensity, humidity, air direction, etc. And the programmed feed-in attributes as a key indicator helps to cancel the flight.

Autonomous Vehicle- Many AI robotic companies have been promising self-driving cars in recent years. With a certain degree, this pledge will be fulfilled in 2020. The first to meet the standards came from Aurora. When two security drivers were in emergency backups, and one reporter was there as a witness, Aurora conducted its first independent drive.

Ai the latest innovation in blockchain technology- Today, artificial intelligence and blockchain are two widely discussed revolutionary technologies that seek to highlight projects where AI and blockchain can be used together to revolutionize the B2B environment.

Both AI and blockchain are technologically complicated, and experts seem to agree that these strategies have significant business repercussions over the next 5-10 years. The combined use of the two technologies will significantly shift the technology and business paradigm and make business leaders aware of developments in this field. Anyhow click here if you want to know more about what is blockchain technology?

Advanced language processing- Natural Language Processing is a key area of artificial intelligence to transfer humans to robots’ conversational capacity. The idea is to reach a high cognitive level through neural and deep learning networks. Social networking and the internet uploaded data platform are huge. It helps AI organizations to use these data for concrete language patterns and contexts.

Summing up

In general, artificial intelligence can reframe and redefine how we live and function. The latest trend of Ai of 2020 will progressively change the workplace. Such tools help develop improved user experience, better outcomes, and ensure that we achieve our goals in an efficient and timely manner. Well, this is not the complete list of Ai trends but, upper-mention trends are to watch out in 2020.


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