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Top 10 best free plagiarism checker tools in 2020 for Professional Writers

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Nothing can damage the reputation of a writer than the accusation of plagiarism. Even the thought of being accused of plagiarized content is a nightmare. Many of you are maybe new to writing and don’t know about plagiarism.

Plagiarism is a serious concern to students, researchers, content writers, bloggers, and academic professors. They face this issue daily with college assignments, thesis, and researches. And this same goes with the bloggers and site owners to have plagiarism free content on their websites.

In this article, we are going to cover What is plagiarism? And 10 best free plagiarism checker tools that will help you to write plagiarized free content and also to check your content whether it unique or plagiarized.

So, what is Plagiarism?

In general terms, Plagiarism is the use or duplication of someone’s work without giving them due credit and using it as your own for some benefits. It is kind of stealing others’ ideas, thoughts, or work and represent those as your work.

Different types of plagiarism:

There are four types of plagiarism. They are:

  1. Direct Plagiarism
  2. Self-Plagiarism
  3. Mosaic Plagiarism
  4. Accidental Plagiarism

1. Direct Plagiarism: This means copying someone’s work word by word without attribution or quotation mark. 

2. Self-Plagiarism: Means mixing your previous work or a part of your previous work with the new one. This kind of plagiarism generally happens in students’ assignments.

3. Mosaic Plagiarism: This is also known as paraphrasing plagiarism. This means copying phrases from a source and adding synonyms while keeping the same meaning and general structure of the phrase.

4. Accidental Plagiarism: This kind of plagiarism happen when someone neglects or unintentionally forgets to cite the original work.

What is Plagiarism checker?

A plagiarism checker is a tool available online that helps to check a document for plagiarized content. It helps you to write unique and quality content that adds value to your readers.

Here is the list of the top 10 best free plagiarism tools designed to protect your unique content and help you avoid any unintended plagiarized content.

  1. Duplichecker

This is one of the popular free plagiarism tools. It is easy to use and it has other content related automation such as spelling and grammar check. It is user friendly; you just have to upload or copy-paste your content into the box.

  • No need to create your account or give your email.
  • 1000 words limit per search.
  • 50 scans per day for registered users.
  • 1 scan per day for guest users.

2. Plagiarisma

This tool is best for checking copyright violations in essays, research papers, coursebooks, and thesis. You can check your content just by copy-pasting, entering the URL of your text, or uploading your file.

  • It supports 190+ languages.
  • Supports a various file types including: *.txt, *.html, *.rtf, *.doc, *docx, *.xlx, *.pdf, and more.
  • Limited plagiarism checks per day.

3. Copyleaks

It is the best online tool for searching for plagiarism in business and academics. It finds copies of your content around the internet through cloud computing. It is a highly accurate plagiarism checker that scans over 60 trillion web pages and databases. A variety of file formats (doc, pdf, Html, txt, and more) can be found in Copyleaks in any language.

4. PaperRater

This tool uses AI and data science to check plagiarised content. After submission, your content is analyzed in real-time, and reports were generated within a few seconds after submission. It is an in-depth plagiarism checking tool that offers proofreading, grammar check, automatic scoring of your content without login or signup.

5. PlagScan

It works best for students but also online content. You can directly upload your document from PC, cloud, or by copy-pasting it. You don’t have to create an account; you can check your content with the free trial. All the scans are saved to your account and potentially plagiarized content is highlighted and sources are easily accessible.

6. Quetext

This tool comes with a simple and basic layout. It is easier to use a plagiarism checker tool. This is an entirely free tool. No account or subscription is needed. Unlimited usage, just copies and paste your content in the designated area and check for plagiarism.

7. Viper

This tool comes with easy to use interface. It only takes 3 steps to scan your content for duplication and give you a full report. It is 100% free. It performs an extensive plagiarism scan of your document against 10 billion resources. It is mostly used by students and academics researchers for essays, journals, and other published content on the internet.

8. Plagium

Plagium is just perfect as a free tool. You can easily enter your text and quickly show the results of the plagiarized text below the search. It can only be used for web content, so it cannot be used for academic papers.

Again, it just offers copy and paste type of scanning, which offers no file formats, and so little functionality, but you get completely accurate results for the index of Google. You can use a ‘deep search’ tool, but this is not free.

9. Copyscape

It is one of the most common plagiarism checker tools. With this tool, you can find the plagiarised content on your website within a few seconds. Just simply enter the URL of the site you want to check on Copyscape and you can see how much of your content is plagiarized. It’s a fast and cheap tool.

10. Small SEO Tools

This is an easy to use plagiarism tool, like Duplichecker, that gives quick results. You can upload, insert, copy, and paste your text via URLs, local files, or copy. It is 100% free of charge without the need to register or enter any personal data.

If the content has been plagiarised, you can see the plagiarism vs. unique content in a percentage of matched sources.



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