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Top 10 free content editing tools to look out in 2020

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The demand for content has increased in content marketing, and writers are trying every tactic to make their content more and more engaging. And writing content editing, proofreading is not an easy turf. So, to get the best result from content marketing, you have to retain your audience, and for that, you need high-quality content daily. Being a writer, I am sure you know how to craft your word art, but only writing doesn’t make good content. It requires the right formatting, grammar, keywords, thorough imagination, and the ability to spell the information logically without too much time. And to do so, you need the best free online proofreading tool.

Well, editing your content can be tough as your brain already knows the message you are trying to convince, and that makes you skip the mistake without actually seeing them. To avoid such mistakes, take help from an online content editor to catch the mistake you miss. This blog will be going to discuss the top 10 free best content editing tools to look out in 2020.

Top 10 free content editing tools for 2020 are:

Grammarly- It is one of the most useful resources for formatting, grammar, punctuation, and even for providing tips on your copy sound. I personally recommend that as it helped me a lot, to improve my writing. You can use it to monitor your spelling, grammar, passive voice, punctuation, and it even measures the score of your text. The best thing is it’s free though it has a premium version too. It’s available for the window, Mac, or for your cell phone too.

So, no matter if you want to check your blog, article, quotes, message email, or web content writing of yours, it helps you to find the bug, and you just have to fix it.

Semrush- It’s the best Content Marketing platform as it offers various services from SEO to Paid Traffic, to Social Media, to Content & PR, to Marketing Research. Well, it’s not completely free, but with a free version of this too, you can use a lot of tools. It has the functionality to discover top companies’ indirect rivals, business explorers’ traffic shares, and patterns. It offers insights into your target market and can examine your target audience.

StackEdit- This is one of the other gems in the accumulation of content editing tools. Write your content in this app and edit it with the help of a markdown tool, not only that It provides a live preview and spell check feature. You can open your blog or drive right away, like Google Drive and Dropbox, once you’ve done. The best part is you can use it offline as well as online.

Hubspot’s Blogs idea generator- Well, now you have tools for your grammar and spell checking, but is this enough to continue to proceed in the content business. As no matter how good a reader or writer you are at some point, you may run out of topics. And their Hubspot’s blog idea generator comes to rescue you when it feels impossible to come up with new content. Just enter three nouns in the generator and get topics in seconds for a week! Now it’s been fast!

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Soovle – What have you started writing? Wait, you still need a few more ingredients to complete your content recipe. And, to make your content available to your potential user you need a keyword but how you are gonna decide what keyword will go with your chosen topic. It’s easy to use because it helps you suggest keyword ideas from Google, YouTube, Bing, Yahoo, Amazon, etc. So, no matter, you need a keyword for your blog or article here you get it all.

Copyscape- Once you assemble all your ingredients for the final output, you need to check that before submitting the final output to the web. Because you never want to publish anything plagiarised. Copyscape is an App for anti-plagiarism. It looks for documents with a high proportion of identical content and indicates what needs to be changed.

Essayroo- It’s the best free online proofreading tool, so once you complete your final draft and run your content through a plagiarism checker. Make sure to send your draft to this writing service. As this app can go through all of your content, then edit them & send back materially polished into a mirror shine.

Pexels- Now though you have completed your content creation, it’s time to find a good picture of your content. Pexels is a collection of fully free professional inventory photos. The best thing? With their smart search feature, you can easily find the photos you need.

Canva- Great, now you have your polished content and perfect image for your blog. And to create a final infographic for your work to promote your blog post on social media. Canva is a wonderful, powerful free tool for creating lovely pictures. Canva is an amazing alternative for those who don’t know Photoshop, you can use this social media tool for free to create an attractive image related to your content. Drag and Drop templates from Canva, and it can help you to create all items from a graphic to a book cover.

Similar web- Well it’s posting time, so have you posted your blog. If yes, then you might be getting super excited to know the traffic or which keyword of your blog is ranking, or what your competitor’s top pages are, and for that, you need a similar web. Similar Web offers insider details on the top sites, keywords, and traffic sources of the competitors.

Final Word

I hope the above-mentioned content editing tool and proofreading tool will assist you to become a robust content marketing expert. Be optimistic and continue to streamline and automate the process of delivering good content. Make the best value of your artworks with above mentioned free online proofreading tools. Most of the above apps are either free or licensed, which currently meet your requirements.


  1. Great article. All effective content editing tools have been mentioned by you. It would be really helpful if you could advise if these tools can be used for hindi blog writing as well. Or anything that you can suggest for hindi writing.


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