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Top Six Hollywood Series To Watch In Your Free Time

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Until COVID-19 impacted our life, we were living our simple busy life. Where we hardly got time to do anything else except for our daily routine. But with the worldwide advent of noble COVID-19. We have to stay in our home to curtail the spread of coronavirus. We have plenty of time to spend time with our family, catch up with old friends, and, most importantly, watch the best top six Hollywood series of all the time. Which have taken all over the web and, we are neglecting it till today because of lack of time. 

Netflix is launching several series, and we can easily be lost and confused about what to watch and what not? Well, asking family and friends about series have their demerit because of their own preferred choices. Well, what to do? How to decide? What’s the top Hollywood series to watch? Who knows? This poll is strictly about favorite shows or programs that can entertain us, and it would be of our genre. So in this blog, I am going to share the Top six Hollywood series to watch. Which are of different genres, whose ratings are good and, critics love those series.

Here is a list of the top six Hollywood series to watch.


“ I’ll be there for you.”

Well, not I am they, are the friend’s character, the six reckless adults living in Manhattan. Confused, I am talking about the sitcom character. Yes, it’s a comedy series that truly portrayed life among singles. I love this show you can witness comedy, romance, friendship, and, most importantly, you’ll fall in love with the show. It is not just comedy it is a show that identifies with the problems they face. That provides the audience with plenty to talk about in coffee shops.

There is no doubt that humor is universal.  When you watch the show, you feel like you are part of the shows. Or you are just sitting with them like a mute showpiece that understands everything but cannot be part of their conversation. Plus, of course, since it’s fast-paced, it is so much fun. Every scene, every moment, is linked to what’s next. So, you don’t feel like it’s moving on. Just like a sitcom that meant to be Funny!

So if you haven’t watched the show, Oh!dear you, are missing an epic thing which you will ever witness. Anyhow the show is of hardly 22 minutes with Ten seasons with 236 episodes. If you haven’t watched yet, “Could you be any weirder.” Excuse my language, anyhow you are going to love it so Go!Go!GO!

The Big Bang Theory

So are you ready to unravel the mystery of big bang theory! 

Of course, you are because you are a wackadoodle who has not watched the best series of all the time. Anyhow this is another masterpiece in the most popular funny Hollywood tv series of all the time. So if you are a geek, brainy and, socially awkward well then this show is for you. Once I complete watching the Friends series again and again and crying because the series ends. The Big Bang Theory helps me to move on & this is my 2nd best series in a sitcom. 

So, once you start watching the show, you will get hooked up. Well, get ready to witness romance, friendship, desperate singles to be in a relationship, and many more. Like, a germ-phobic boy who avoids physical contact, a geek, a wealthy foreigner who faces difficulty in talking to women. And other great things along with you will be able to learn about big bang theory science, with a lot of laughter. And finally, how their life falls in places when they meet the loves of their lives. Each episode is of 22miutes with 12 seasons and 279 episodes. You will adore the show, and once again, you’ll find yourself with these geeks. But make sure you are not in the Sheldon spot’ he doesn’t like it.

Breaking Bad

“You clearly don’t know what I am talking about, so let me clue you in.”

Well, surely you do not know about breaking bad or, you will not be here in search of the top Hollywood series to watch. Breaking bad is the best in the crime genre. So, if you are looking for something in crime, what will be the best option other than the Breaking Bad series? The number of things that Vince Gilligan, the writer of the Breaking Bad, did effectively can not count. But, Bryan Cranston was sure, one of the best, from a sitcom star to a tragic anti-hero. 

Walter White, a chemistry teacher, discovers that he has cancer and decides to get into the meth-making business. To repay his medical debts and how his life takes a turn, you will love the show. It’s a classic crime thriller series that never allows you to get bored. And you will find that you are glued to this series because you are eager to know what happens next?

However, breaking bad is a total of 5 seasons with 62 episodes. So get ready with your popcorn and coke because the night is going to be long & addictive. Not that type of addiction addicted to breaking bad.

Game of Thrones

Winter is coming! Winter is coming!

Obviously, with the passing of September and change in weather, we all can say winter is coming. But here I am not talking about our winter. I am talking about Games of Thrones, the biggest fear of the series.

Well, the show is a beautifully exceptional series. With a cast, story, set, pacing twist, women power, dragon, magic, the bond between stark children, and everything. If you love political novels, fantasy, you will love the series. The story is about nine novel families waging war against each other to get control over the legendary land of Westeros. In the meantime, centuries of force is rising, who are threats to the existence of living men. Nothing in television history has given so much interest to one series. So this series is for all the geeks who love political fantasy.

Anyhow quickly finish all your work because once you start watching this series, you won’t be able to do anything. Well, the Games of Thrones have a total of 8 series, with 60 episodes.


“One thing I’ve learned—heroes aren’t perfect.” 

Well, the heroes of the supernatural are the god of imperfection. And let me warn you they are so charming you will fall in love with them. So, if you love Supernatural fiction, you will love the show, but there is nothing horror in it. Though the story plot is on the supernatural, and you will witness a mysterious and dynamic supernatural force but not trepidation. A demon, an angel, god and her sister, satan, and the two hunter brothers, who hunt all the dark and mysterious things. Which crawl in the night, and yes, you will also love the classic Impala.

It’s, a story of two brothers Dean and Sam, followed in the footsteps of their father. To set out to eradicate the supernatural creatures, demons, and other forces on earth. And how one angel named Castiel becomes their guardian angel. To help them to fight all the evil and at the end with the god himself. It’s one of the ten best Hollywood series of all the time. This series of 15 seasons and 320 episodes got aired and, the final season will telecast from October 10th, 2020. Well, get ready to witness a mysterious and demonic supernatural force with two handsome brothers in Impala. Oh! I forget to mention their other friends like an angel, stan son & the demon at the back of the Impala. 

The Haunting of the Hill House

“Ghosts are guilt, Ghost is secrets, Ghosts is regrets & failings. But most time Ghost is a wish”

Well, for me, they are real, but for one of the characters of the show, it just a myth. One of the best horror series of the tv of all the time. Haunting of the hill house does struggle with pacing, but with strong performances, intelligent and empathetic writing, well-crafted filmmaking, leaves a horror-traumatic effect. So if you love horror, or if you do not believe in ghosts, for both kinds of people, it is a must-watch series. 

The story revolves around the Shirley Jackson siblings, who grew up as children in the country’s best-known secret home. Now in their adulthood, they have to confront the illusions of their experience together in the face of disaster. Some of the fantasies still roar, while other people can stalk hill house shadows. So do not watch alone you may never know a ghost can be watching you. I am just kidding you will love the series. Well, the series is of only one season with ten episodes, so enjoy and don’t let darkness lives inside you.

Summing up

I am sure you will love the upper mentioned series, as you have different genres according to your preferred choices. Like Dramas, Comedy, Thriller, Political Fantasy, Crime, Supernatural, Horror, everything you need to skip your daily boring life. Well, I have more other series, but for that, you have to wait. So what you are waiting to go and watch and, I will be collecting more gems for you. Well, make sure you do let me know how you would like the top six Hollywood series to watch in your free time. Which I especially handpicked for you.


  1. Thanks for the suggestion, well some of the series i have watched, and rest i have checked in net its ratings was awesome. And do write other blog on more web series & movie series i am eagerly waiting.


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