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WordPress 5.5 Update: Everything you need to know

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WordPress rolled out another new update in 2020 that is WordPress 5.5. This new release in WordPress comes with lots of new features and improvements. In WordPress 5.5, updates are mostly about speed, search, and security. But most updates are focused around the WordPress block editor.

This WordPress update 5.5 is also called as “Eckstine” in honor of famous American jazz and pop singer Billy Eckstine.

In this article, we’ll talk about all the new features and improvements that come with WordPress 5.5 updates and everything you need to know.

Important: Before you update your WordPress websites, don’t forget to run a backup of your site.

WordPress 5.5: New Features and Improvements

WordPress 5.5 is more focused on improving site speed, search, and security of your site. This version of WordPress comes with improvements to block editor, inline images and content preview, and much more.

Upgraded Block Editor in WordPress 5.5

For those who don’t know about block editor, Block editor is the place in WordPress where you spend most of your time creating content and formatting your content. Block editor was first introduced in WordPress 5.0 and after that, with every update in WordPress, there is more enhancement in the block editor.

In this release of WordPress 5.5, it introduced us to new block patterns and Block directory.

Block Patterns

In the new block patterns, it makes it simpler and more creative to create complex but beautiful page layouts. These block patterns are ready-made blocks with commonly used settings.

Block Directory

The block directory is a cool feature added to WordPress 5.5 suppose if you want to use a block that is not available on your site now using this feature, you can just search and add new blocks from the block directory. But if there is no match for your search, then it also shows you other relevant matches to your search that you can use.

Block directory is a collection of WordPress plugins that can add a new block to your site.

Inline Image Editing

Earlier, also we have the option to edit our images before word press 5.5 & to do so, one has to go to the library and, from there we can edit the images. But with the improvements in Word Press 5.5 image editing has got a lot easier, we can edit the images in the editor itself. That means now you don’t have to go to the library to edit an image and see the preview of it in real-time. You don’t have to navigate anywhere else to crop, resize, or rotate your image, you can just do it right where you are. This enhances user experience and saves more time.

Lazy Loading feature

WordPress 5.5 comes with new lazy loading images feature. This means it will only load images that are visible to the user on-screen and delay the loading of other images that are not visible at the time. This will save more loading time and user data at the same time improving your site performance and speed and makes your visitors happy as they don’t have to wait to load the whole page to see it.

This is a built-in feature in WordPress 5.5, you don’t have to do anything after updating it work itself. Whenever visitor scrolls down the page, the images get loaded for the visitor.

Auto-updates for plugins and themes

It is another arrow in the update quiver of WordPress 5.5. This feature allows you to auto-update your plugins or themes whenever there is an update available. You can do this by going to dashboard>>plugins>> and click on Enable auto-updates.

It means now your site is safer from any attacks, as hackers tend to attack those sites with outdated themes and plugins. It helps site managers to keep their site safe and worry less for updating plugins.

But sometimes site managers don’t prefer to enable auto-updates for everything because sometimes updates also come with some bugs and cause unwanted problems. That’s why they used to update plugins manually when they want as it is safe.

But you don’t have to worry about that as in WordPress 5.5 auto-update is by default off. If you want to use this feature, you have to enable auto-update.

WordPress Sitemaps

In this update, WordPress has introduced built-in sitemaps. It means that now you don’t have to use any plugins to generate a sitemap for your site. Now, WordPress will automatically create a sitemap for your site. A sitemap is a file that tells search engines on how to navigate through websites and helps them find new pages on websites.

No Longer Support for Outdated Browsers

WordPress 5.5 has dropped support for older browsers like IE (Internet Explorer) 6 to 9. It helps in faster performance now with fewer codes.


WordPress 5.5 is a major update. Although we have discussed only a few highlights of WordPress 5.5 and, there is much much more to that. It will make the site perform faster. I hope this article gave you some insights about the above-mentioned features like block editor, block patterns, sitemap, auto-updates for plugins. Site managers may want to contemplate before enabling this auto-update feature.

If you’re excited about some other features in WordPress 5.5 update, let me know in the comments. And, if you liked this post, share it with others also.


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